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Use:Home Decoration
Product:General Candle
Material:Paraffin Wax

1. The candles are made of the high-quality ice wax, which has a special snowflake crystal effect,and it is suitable for various candles, as it does not crack. It is natural and environmental , degradable and harmless to the human body.
2. The temperature of the wax liquid is controlled accurately. And the simple and stylish shape is cast by hand.
3. The candle wick uses a hand-woven cotton core, which is smokeless and burns evenly.
4.The candles are wrapped in paper and packed in black cardboard boxes, which are elegant and generous.
5. Attention: The candle needs to be added with a base pad. Please place a base pad on the bottom when lighting to prevent wax oil from flowing to the table and damaging the table. If you have children around, please pay attention to the placement of candles ,to avoid accidents.
Material:Plant ice wax
Color:As the picture show
Type:Fragrant Candle
Size:6.2 * 3.7CM
Place of origin:China
Package included:
1*Fragrant Candle