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Niré Beauty 15-piece Award Winning Professional Makeup Brush Set: Vegan Make up Brushes, Brush Case, Beauty Blender, Brush Cleaner, Guide, Gift Box


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Professionally Designed, Environmentally Minded:All Niré Beauty products are designed by industry experts with the environment in mind. Brushes are crafted with sustainably sourced ergonomic wooden handles and lightweight ferrules made from recycled aluminium in rose gold or silver. Ranging in size from handle to ferrule depending on their function, you have the freedom to use the entire make up brush handle for real blending techniques or grip closer to the ferrule for precise application.

In this set:-Blending Sponge-102 Contour/Highlight Brush-103 Soft Focus Powder Brush-104 Angled Blush Brush-110 Soft Focus Concealer Brush-140 Flat Top Kabuki Foundation Brush-201 Angled / Spoolie-202 Angled Eyeshadow-203 Large Eyeshadow Brush-204 Eyeshadow Blending Brush-205 Precision Eyeshadow-206 Pencil Brush-207 Eyeliner BrushBONUSES:Deluxe Make up Brush Holder:Why not travel with your favourite brushes?

Every set arrives within a premium black brush holder that opens into two separate cups. Both functional and chic, this container keeps your makeup brushes organised at home or on the go — and like our brushes, it is vegan-friendly!Brush Cleaning Tool:This set comes with a BONUS make up brush cleaner. The PureForm brush cleaner makes the VITAL deep makeup brush cleaning process quick, easy, and effective. Avoid unnecessary break-outs as the PureForm ridges cleanse bristles, gently and effectively removing old makeup, dirt, and oils that would otherwise transfer back onto your face.

Owners Guide:All Niré makeup brushes are thoughtfully labelled with brush names and numbers, but to sharpen your skills, an Owner's Guide containing real tips and techniques is also included within this professional makeup brush set. A brush washing guide is also added to keep your brushes sparkling and your skin glowing. Create the makeup looks of your dreams with this complete collection of professional make up brushes. For all your beauty needs in one essential set, this make up brush set contains classic face and eye brushes designed by industry experts, a Niré Beauty Blender Sponge, a make up brush cleaner AND a pro brush holder that opens into two brush cups. Get to know your Niré makeup brushes inside and out with our full Owner’s Guide containing brush descriptions and real tips and techniques for beautiful results. To keep your skin and your brushes in perfect condition, a brush cleaning guide is also included. So you can access your guide anytime and anyplace, digital copies will be emailed to you.