Mini USB Eyelash Fan Blower Glue Drier Grafted Eyelashes

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 Product charging

        The charging status and working status display a blue light.

        The charge is full and the red light is displayed.

     Refrigerated sponge:

         (1) Push back the back cover and take out the cleaned water of the sponge soaked in a little flat, and put it back in the case.

          (2) It is better to put the sponge after soaking in the refrigerator and then install the fan.

         (3) You can drop a few drops of perfume on the sponge to blow off the cool breeze.

Product configuration:

One body, one USB charging cable, one lanyard.

Third, the product parameters:

1. Dimensions: length 12cm width 7cm height 3cm;

      Packing size: 14cm*9cm*4.5cm

      Product net weight / gross weight: 103G/168G

      Outer box size: 48cm*42.5cm*27.5cm


     2, battery capacity: 400 mA;

    Voltage: 5V;

Working current: 250 mA


     AY0187 (3)      AY0187 (2)    

AY0187 (7)      AY0187 (10)      AY0187 (8)      AY0187 (11)      AY0187 (12)      AY0187 (14)      AY0187 (4)