Meijuner Sofa Cover Waterproof Solid Color High Stretch Slipcover All-inclusive Elastic Couch Cover Sofa Covers For Dining Room


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Product Name: WaterProof Sofa Cover

Product Material: Polyester/Spandex

Pattern: Modern

Package Includes:1pc sofa cover
Couch Cover is made by latest Water-Repellent technology fabric, which can protect your couch from accidental spills and daily stains. Great choice for homes with children and pets. Warm Note: Not totally Waterproof (Spills on couch slipcover should be removed immediately)

Crafted from super soft elastic fabric, 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex material, the sofa slipcover is high stretchy, soft and anti-wrinkle, durable and long lasting, the couch protector fit for most types of couches. And there is Sewn-in elastic bottom hem for a secure fit on your sofa

How to measure your sofa

Before ordering, we recommend measuring your furniture to determine the right size.

Sofa length between 90-140cm choice One-seater sofa cover

Sofa length between 140-180cm choice Two-seater sofa cover

Sofa length between 185-235cm choice Three-seater sofa cover

Sofa length between 230-300cm choice Four-seater sofa cover


How to install

Steps 1: Position the slipcover over the sofa with the label at the back

Steps 2: Pull the fabric evenly over the sofa, and push white sponge cylinders in spaces between the cushions, shaping the cover to the sofa and keeping fabric tight

Steps 3: Tilt the sofa up and find elastic ties. Pull the front and back ties together tightly and tie. Pull the side ties together and tightly

Steps 4: Put the sofa down and pll cover tight, pulling any excess fabric to the back

Steps 5: Enjoy your newly coverd sofa!

Warm prompt:

Please measure your sofa include armrest,then choose the size,if you don't measure include armrest,the sofa cover will be smaller than your sofa.

Due to the different size of the sofa gap, the small cloth strip may sometimes not work very well when the gap is too big or too small.

If too small, we suggest that you can just put some waste clothes or towels into the gap and do not need to use the small cloth strip.

If too big, it will be better when you put waste clothes or towels into the sofa gap with these small cloth strips.