InFace Skin Care Device Face Care Tool Tactile Vibrat Massager ION Wrinkle Remover Facial Mesotherapy for Essence Makeup Remover


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InFace Ion Import Export Beauty Instrument Face Facial Vibration Massage Multicolor Light Skin Rejuvenation red light therapy Facial Skin Care
1. Long press switch button for 1.5 seconds to start
2. Short press switch button to switch the care mode.
3. Hold the sensor strips on both sides and touch the skin to start the care work; during working the conduction head leaves the skin, the vibration function stops immediately, the heating stopped after 15 seconds, and it is not used after 90 seconds, automatically shut down to protect energy consumption.
4.Long press switch button for 1.5 seconds to turn off when it is in work.
Mode 1: Export
39°C+vibration+positive ion
Use with makeup remover products,
Deep cleansing 
Mode  2: Import 
39°C + vibration + negative ion + red light
Use with moisturizing skin care products
Nutrient introduction, double moisture
Mode 3: Repair
Negative ion + blue light
Use with repair products
Deep repairing, soothing and firming