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Type:Art Candle
Product:General Candle
Feature:Colored Flame
Material:Paraffin Wax
Model Number:80194
Occasion:Valentine's Day


Storage Method: Avoid sun exposure and long-term heating above 180 °C, should be placed in a cool dry place
Ingredients: The main ingredient is paraffin wax, which has a low melting point and a density less than water and insoluble in water. It is melted into liquid by heat, and it is slightly heated and volatile. It can smell the unique smell of paraffin. It solidifies into solid when it is cold. It is easy to use and absolutely environmentally friendly.
Functional use:
1. Purify the air quality and plasticize the living space without pollution.
2. Improve environmental sanitation, remove odor, decompose second-hand smoke and essential air.
3. Repel mosquitoes, refresh your mind, make your heart comfortable, and feel refreshed.

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