Anti Snoring Bruxism Mouth Guard Teeth Bruxism Sleeping Apnea Guard Bruxismo Snoring Mouth Guard Snoring Device to Stop Snoring


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Prevent your teeth from clenching and grinding 
Remove noise of Bruxism and snore, improving your sleep quality. 
Non-toxic silicone material, use with reassurance. 
Easy and convenient to use

Using Tips:
1. Put the mouth guard into 70-80 degree temperature water.
2. Put the guard onto your teeth after it become soft, then take out after a few minutes.
3. Put it into cold water to form your dental marks, and just use during sleep time ever since.

Item: Stop Snoring Mouth Guard 
Applicable Time: Sleeping time
Package: with box/ with Bubble bag
Including(optional):1 X Stop Snoring Mouth Guard