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Brand Name:HANKEYGender:FemaleNET WT:OtherCountry/Region of Manufacture:KoreaModel Number:lx----200Certificate Number:lx----200Feature:MoisturizingIngredient:cream Brand: sulwhasoo   Name: Elastic tight Face cream   Spec.: 5ML   Texture: Cream   Shelf life: 3 years Suitable for skin: all skin   Product Details: As you get older, the cycle becomes no longer smooth, and the skin accumulates in old...
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Brand Name:HANKEY
NET WT:Other
Country/Region of Manufacture:Korea
Model Number:lx----200
Certificate Number:lx----200

Brand: sulwhasoo
Name: Elastic tight Face cream
Spec.: 5ML
Texture: Cream
Shelf life: 3 years

Suitable for skin: all skin

Product Details: As you get older, the cycle becomes no longer smooth, and the skin accumulates in old waste.
The skin is hot and hot,
The face will be on fire, the internal heat continues to accumulate, not only the skin elasticity drops, the face will no longer tighten. 
Elastic muscle This tight cream from the inside out for the skin to provide rich nutrition, so that the skin glow healthy luster, regain tight elasticity.
-Coix extract has the effect of nourishing and helping to eliminate the old waste material accumulated on the face, and the skin circulation can be smooth.
-Ginkgo Biloba essence can be antioxidant and promote cyclic efficacy, significantly improve skin tightness and elasticity If the skin becomes dry, the skin will accumulate false fire deep, and the skin in order to release the fire, so that the pores naturally become larger. And this phenomenon continues, it will make the skin have a puffy feeling, the facial contour also changes. Zhiyin Dan and Zhiyin to improve the skin drying phenomenon and help the skin to eliminate false fire.
Elastic tight Cream contains pomegranate, apricot leaves, Sichuan bow and other Korean extraction components, restore the skin firming elasticity, so that you re-glow radiant. It is popular to judge age with neck wrinkles, so neck care has also become very important.
Tightly attached to the comfort of the skin, dedicated to care for your beauty at the same time, to help create a beautiful neck curve. Elastic Firming cream relieves skin annoyance that dries with age; contains Zhiyin Dan and Zhiyin to nourish Dan, reducing the firming elasticity of the skin.
More contains the skin to become delicate and smooth pomegranate, yeast, angelica, Sichuan bow, ginkgo leaves and other Korean plant components.
It is a formulation developed with Yuzhu, lily, lotus, Korean peony, rehmannia and other medicinal materials. It can improve the dryness of skin, such as dry, rough and under-moisturized skin.
Usage: sooner or later, after using the nourishing lotion, apply evenly to the whole face and neck, and let it absorb naturally. Matching with moistening essence is better.
Moistening dryness essence 4ml

Product Description: it can effectively calm and soothe the fragile skin, replenish a large amount of water and nourish the dry skin, improve the dry skin, improve the dark yellow skin, quickly penetrate into the deep dry skin, open the skin absorption channel, help the follow-up skin care products to be better absorbed by the skin, and improve the efficacy of the follow-up skin care products.

Usage: After cleansing, apply some moisturizing essence to the skin, gently touch the fingertips, and use hand temperature to promote the absorption of the essence. If you feel the skin is swollen, you can wrap the face gently with your hands and add the moisturizing effect of the moisturizing essence to eliminate the swelling of the skin in the morning.

Elastic cream 5ml

Product Description: firming and elasticity, anti-aging at the initial stage, slightly improving the initial relaxation, replenishing moisture for the skin, adjusting the skin to a healthy and transparent state. The elastic cream is a relatively refreshing cream in the snowflake series. It is suitable for the 18-35 age group. It has a good improvement and brightening effect on the skin with yellowish skin. Long term use will enhance the firmness of the skin, compact elasticity, and restore the skin's fine and smooth skin.

Usage: After cleansing in the morning and evening, apply proper amount along the skin texture to the face and neck. It is recommended collocation with moisturizing essence. After a week, you will see that the clarity of the facial contour will be improved significantly.




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